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About Adam

Adam Laurance has been a full-time magician for over thirty years specialising in entertaining children of all ages at birthday parties, school shows and workshops.

He amazes guests at weddings and other celebrations. He also regularly performs and teaches magic at schools, kindergartens and school holiday programs.

Puzzle Answers

These are the solutions to two puzzle sheets given out at Magic Workshops and Shows. If you would like a copy of the puzzles contact Adam

Puzzle Answers

Name These Animals Solution.

  • 1.
    Mouse. A nice easy one to start with. I hope you got it straight away.
  • 2.
    Fly. Okay it’s a zip, but zips are found in different places and this zip is from a pair of pants  (okay, I should have included the pants!) so it’s a fly.
  • 3.
    Butterfly. You may have worked this one out before number 2. Or maybe not.
  • 4.
    Mussels. Different spelling but pronounced the same way as muscles.
  • 5.
    Cane toad. It’s a walking cane being towed. Easy!
  • 6.
    Cricket. Bet you got this one straight away!
  • 7.
    Python. Pie plus thong. (minus the "g")
  • 8.
    Crane. It’s letter k’s falling as rain so k-rain. Hmmm, a bit of a cheat!
  • 9.
    Toucans. Two cans! Too easy!
  • 10.
    Elephant. This is my favourite. I know it has an animal in it already but I still like it. A leaf in the shape of an “L” so it is an L-leaf and then an ant. L-leaf ant.
  • 11.
    Monkey. “M” on key = M on key = Monkey.
  • 12.
    Possum. P O S sum – get it?!
  • 13.
    Frog. This is a difficult one to illustrate. How do you draw fog? It’s an “R” in fog. So “f R og”.
  • 14.
    Lynx. Links in a chain – different spelling but same pronunciation.
  • 15.
    Lion. It’s simply a line – which sounds like Lion.
  • 16.
    Tiger. Tie + gr = tiger.
  • 17.
    Collie. It’s a cauliflower which is often shortened to “cauli”.
  • 18.
    Boxer. Obvious? (It’s a type of dog).
  • 19.
    Slug. Slang for a bullet.
  • 20.
    Dog. It’s a god (Egyptian) in a mirror so you reverse god and it becomes dog.
  • 21.
    Cow. Another mirror one. It’s a wok reversed to become kow which sounds like cow.
  • 22.
    Donkey. You need to know a little cricketing history to get this one. Donald “Don” Bradman was a famous cricketer. This is his key. So Don key.
  • 23.
    Flamingo. Another tricky one to illustrate. It’s “o” on fire. So flaming o – flamingo.
  • 24.
    Giraffe. A raft with a “G” on it – so g-raft. But the Tea (“T”) has floated away so its a g-raf.
  • 25.
    Snail. A nail in the shape of an “S” = s-nail
  • Invent your own! You don’t have to limit yourself to animals – choose any subject you like!